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Related article: was nowise connected in blood. Invited to visit Mr. Grant at his house in Cincinnati, the General, upon being ushered into the sick man's bedroom, was accosted in the following complimentary terms: '* General, I am about to ask your kind acceptance of a Buy Cheap Trental Purchase Trental horse, one of the noblest and finest ani- mals in the world, whom I wish you to take from me as a present in token of my admiration of your character and of the great service which you have rendered to this country." In this way •* Cincinnati," whom in accordance with his almost invariable practice when horses were in question. General Grant named after the place where he got him, entered the service of an owner whose fame will perma- nently embalm the memory of ** that humbler instrument of meaner clay," Trental Pentoxifylline ridden by one of the greatest of American soldiers throughout the campaign of 1864, when first he came into collision with Lee. Cincinnati was all that his donor represented him to be, and all that his pedigree should have made him. A Kentucky-born son of Lexington, the most famous American sire that ever existed, Cincinnati was sixteen and a Order Trental Online half hands high and, like his sire, endowed with tremendous speed and endurance. Perhaps a more anxious morn- ing never broke during the American Civil War than that which heralded the advent of day on May 7, 1864. The two belli- gerent armies faced each other in that wild and tangled region of Virginia called ** The Wilder- Trental Mg ness," in which the fighting was i8o BAILY S MAGAZINE. [Skptember heavier and the mortality greater than during any other week that was ever witnessed during the present century. The 7th of May was, as General Horace Porter dubs it, in the January (1897) number of The Century Magazine, ** Grant's Third Day in the Wilderness," and at the con- clusion of the week it was diffi- cult to pronounce which of the two armies had got the best of the fighting. Here is General Horace Porter's description of a scene in which Grant and his charger, Cincinnati, bore con- spicuous parts. " After leaving the Buy Trental Online breakfast table on May 7th, General Grant, who had been up since dawn, lighted a cigar Trental Online and took his seat on a campstool in front of his tent. In a conversation with the staff he began to discuss the operations of the day before. In the main he expressed himself as satisfied with the results, merely remarking : • While it is in one sense a drawn battle, as neither side has gained or lost ground, yet we remain in possession of yesterday's field, and the enemy has fallen back and taken up a new defensive position. I hope soon to compel them to fight in a more open country and outside of these breastworks.'" The day wore away without a renewal of active hostilities, for General Grant had resolved to make a night march so as to turn Lee's left. " Soon after dark," continues General Horace Porter, ** Generals Grant and Trental Generic Meade, ac- companied by their staffs, rode along the Brock road towards Hancock's headquarters. Order Trental While moving close to Hancock's line there occurred an unexpected de- monstration on the part of the troops which led to one of the most memorable scenes of the campaign. Notwithstanding the darkness of the night, the outline of General Grant's form was recognised, and word was passed rapidly along that the Chief who had led them through the mazes of the Wilderness was again mov- ing forward with his horse's head pointed towards Richmond. Troops know little of what is Purchase Trental Online going on in a large army except what occurs in their immediate vicinity ; but this night-ride of the General-in-Chief told plainly the story of success. Soldiers weary and sleepy after their long battles, with stiffened limbs and often with Trental Price smarting wounds, sprang swiftly to their feet and rushed forward to the roadside. Wild cheers echoed through the forest, and shouts of triumph rent Generic Trental the air. Men swung their hats, tossed their arms aloft, and pressed for- ward within touch of their chief. Pineknots and torches were set on fire, and illumined the scene with their wild Buy Trental flickering glare. The night march had become a tri- umphal procession for its new commander; an Trental Injection emphatic verdict pronounced by the troops on his first battles in the Eastern States. The Pentoxifylline Trental excitement was imparted to the horses, which Trental 400 soon became restive; even General Grant's large bay thoroughbred, Cincin- nati, Trental 100 Mg over which he ordinarily possessed perfect control, became difficult to manage. Instead of being elated by the significant ovation, the General thoughtfully exclaimed, * This is most un- fortunate. The noise will reach the enemy's ears and reveal our movement.' By his direction, staff officers rode forward to keep the men quiet ; but the enthusiasm could not be stilled until the General was out of sight." Perhaps the most distinguished day of Cincinnati's life Trental Cost was that upon which he was bestridden by 1897. SOME FAMOUS WAR-HORSES. l8l President Lincoln, which is re- lated in the following words : — " The morning after the capture of Petersburg, on April 2, 1865, General Grant invited President Lincoln, who had been for some days at City Point on the James River, to come to Petersburg and confer with him. The two great men met on the piazza Trental Tablets of a deserted house, attended only by the General's staff and a small escort of cavalry. Trental Indications They con- versed long and earnestly as to the conduct of the campaign, Grant clearly explaining his plans and objects. When the interview closed, Present Lincoln mounted the General's superb blood bay war-horse, Cincinnati, and gal- loped back to City Point, while Grant and his staff set out to rejoin the army of the Potomac." Within a few days the surrender of General Lee and of the force under him took place at Appomat- tox Court House, and Cincinnati was retired from active service to